Friday, January 8, 2010

Pondering Food

No recipe here, but just some random thoughts on what foods I eat.

I'm kind of an odd bird, I guess. I am a beer snob, I love organic foods, too.  I attempt to buy locally produced foods when possible. I joined a C.S.A. program last summer at Blue Pike Farm in Cleveland that was awesome!! I literally would pick up the food from a great local urban farm every week on the way home from work.   I highly recommend you support your local organic farmer.  You'll save money, eat better, and save the pea pod at a time!

But I also am a junk food junkie.  I was wise to give up soda pop years ago, but if you put a bag of potato chips in front of me.....look OUT!  (All hail that which maketh the Great CRUNCH!)  I also love weird combinations of food..peanut butter and baloney on rye with lettuce.   Yeah, I know it's weird, but so dang good!  Or peanut butter with just about anything...on rice cakes, or on toast with raisins (it makes an especially hearty breakfast with a glass of juice!)  I'm also a cheese lover...cheddar, gouda, parmesan.  Any kind of cheese is fine with me (except maybe the crappy American cheese that tastes like an oil slick).

I seek a sense of balance in life.  I remember my Mother telling me of my Grandmother's favorite quote "Moderation in all things....except moderation!"  Which I interpret as eat healthy as much as you can. But when you get that urge to have kielbasa and pierogies (sp?) with tons of onions sauteed in butter and real sour cream, go for it!  And pop the top off a good local micro-brew to go with that kielbasa dinner.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm so excited.. such a food geek I am.. my blog was accepted to the Foodie Blogroll. Yahoo! Ahh, it's the little things that make me happy.